old_monroeWhat is DREAM?

A non-profit corporation founded to preserve and enhance the appearance of historical buildings and create a sense of community in downtown Monroe.
DREAM is utilizing the National Trust’s Main Street Approach to preserve the historic character of the downtown as a living part of Monroe’s community life and to combat community deterioration.

Our Mission statement

To revitalize downtown Monroe through economic development, building partnerships and promoting an attractive and active town center.

Revitalization is Important

  • A revitalized downtown attracts visitors and tourists to spend more time and money in the area.
  • A revitalized downtown increases the sales tax base of the city and increases the value of downtown property.
  • By diversifying the business mix, recruiting new businesses and acting as a “business incubator”, dollars that would be spent elsewhere are circulated locally.
  • Downtown is the historic center of community and is graced by many important buildings which have character and need to be preserved.
  • The state of downtown reflects on the vitality and pride of the whole community.
Who benefits from DREAM?
The entire community! The health of the downtown area is at the very heart of the quality of life within our community. DREAM is forging a partnership of downtown businesses, property owners, community leaders, residents and city government to promote economic vitality while preserving the historic character of our downtown area. This makes DREAM important for citizens and businesses alike.
What is the National Trust Main Street Approach?
“Main Street” is a program developed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Designed to combat deterioration of downtowns across America, the comprehensive program, called the National Main Street Approach, involves more than 1300 communities nationwide.Working to revitalize their historic central business districts, these communities use the Main Street Approach to strengthen their downtown image. One of DREAM’s goals is to become a National Trust Main Street Community.


  • Reestablish the downtown as a community focal point and gathering place for residents and visitors.
  • Promote the downtown as an inclusive and vibrant social, cultural and economic center.
  • Encourage improvement to the overall appearance of downtown consistent with Monroe’s historical character.
  • Create attractive and inviting “streetscapes” through sidewalk and storefront enhancements.
  • Involve stakeholders in DREAM activities.
  • Seek funding sources to support DREAM-sponsored programs and activities.